SRC RNC curtain of light

SRC RNC is used to prevent the elevator doors from closing when there is an obstruction in the door opening. The curtain of light protects passengers when they are entering or exiting the elevator at the last minute. Since the curtain covers the whole door opening area, it can detect any obstacle anywhere in the door opening.

With SRC RNC, passengers know that the elevator doors will not close too soon when they are entering or exiting the elevator. The curtain detects an object anywhere in the door opening area. It consists of a series of invisible light beams that cut horizontally across the door opening. If an object cuts a light beam, the doors stay open or reopen, depending on the situation.

If a light beam is cut and the doors reopen, their normal open time is shortened.

SRC RNC has a field parameter that allows the feature to be activated and deactivated.