ACU elevator announcer

ACU provides spoken messages to passengers in the elevator car. The spoken messages include both informative and complementary announcements. ACU is of special use for disabled passengers who may have difficulties in reading written indicators and notices.

ACU uses a computerized voice recorder to offer passengers spoken messages in the elevator car: information on car departures and floor arrivals, advice on the use of the elevator, or even commercial and managerial announcements. ACU makes the elevator ride easier for all passengers and is of special use for the visually impaired.

ACU is located in the maintenance access panel. It has the following alternatives:

The available announcement languages are listed in the table below. A maximum of two languages can be used at the same time.

Australian English

ACU F has a field parameter that allows selecting the exact announcements to be used. The table below shows examples of the announcements.

Note: The codes 65 – 78 are always included in ACU F.
Table:  Announcement examples for ACU F
Code Announcement in English
1 1st floor
2 2nd floor
3 3rd floor
4 – 32 4th floor - 32nd floor
46 Side entrance
47 Rear entrance
48 Main entrance
49 Restaurant
50 Reception
51 Street level
52 Exit level
53 Mezzanine floor
54 Upper ground floor
55 Ground floor
56 Lower ground floor
57 Basement
58 Sub basement
59 Floor minus 4
60 Floor minus 3
61 Floor minus 2
62 Floor minus 1
63 Floor 0
65 Elevator overload
66 Going up
67 Going down
68 Please remove obstruction from door
70 Elevator required for emergency, please leave when the elevator doors open
71 Earthquake, please leave when the elevator doors open
72 Power failure, please leave when the elevator doors open
73 Fire, please leave when the elevator doors open
77 Doors closing
78 Doors opening